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Francesca Monte

Alt Pop Artist

Francesca Monte is an artist with 12.5 Millions streams
across different DSPs defined as “Alt Pop Icon”

She started playing the piano and songwriting when she was 14 performing worldwide in places like the US, the UAE and all over Europe.

When she was 17 she collaborates with the international star Buddy Miles in Dallas.
During 2014, she participated in “The Voice of Italy”, and the “X Factor 8 Italy” as part of “Komminuet” where she made it to the finale.

She creates her first capsule collection with Puma, selling it out in just one month after the launch, and then released her debut single with Sony Music Italy “Domenica” reaching the first position in the national chart.

In 2015 she started her solo career launching the single “Stay”,
produced by the DJs Federico Scavo and Alex Kenji.

She self-produced her first EP “Una Cattiva Ragazza”,
containing 5 songs and reaching the 4th position on Italy’s pop chart, she also worked with the Dj Vincent Arena, releasing “ Tonight” being featured on Hit Mania Special Edition 2017 and being the soundtrack of “Il Giro D’Italia” Rai 2, “The Hottest” Real Time Tv.

She started her new project with the London based record label “Rotbaum Records”, working on a new album called “Alièn”
in 2019 and other singles like “Hello Monsters”, “Little Girl”, “Boy”, “Vertigo”, “The One For Me”, “All Day All Night” released during 2020/2021/2022.

The EP “Alièn” reaches the nº 1 position on iTunes’ electronic chart and its short-film is premiered at Giffoni Experience.

She starts her collaboration with Istituto Marangoni London,
focusing on sustainable and gender-fluid fashion, with the contribution of fashion designers like Angel Chen, Sandro Paris, Gilberto Calzolari, Giuseppe Fata, Karol Cygan, Andrea Roman, Alessandra Tacla and many others.

She is also an ambassador for international brands such as
Puma, Aw Lab, Mabelline New York, Max Factor, Prime Video Italy,Kiehls Italy, Hair Burst, Yoox, Samsung, Swatch, Carrera, Ebay, Ghd, Prime Video, Ciroc Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, Corona, Oreo, Blu italy, Starter Black Label Italia, D1 Milano, Paul Hewitt, Tezenis, Pin Up Stars, Glamira Jewels, Apm Monaco and many others.

Francesca’s press coverage includes major fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Grazia, GQ, Rolling Stones Italia, Kaltblut, collaborating with photographers like Giovanni Gastel, Giorgio Figini, Cesare Cicardini, Paolo Barretta and many others.

Music focused magazines & blogs like Mtv, TuneCore, A&R Factory, Motion News, Caesar Live N Loud, FusioNostalgia, RGM Mag, Gas Mask Mag, York Calling, Flare Mag, Fruit Sonic, Roadie Music, Hertz Mag, Iggy Mag, Artenzza, Pop Fad, YMX, Indie Dock Music Blog, Musivv, Sky News, Tg Com 24, Aska News, Yahoo Cultura, Il Sole 24 ore, Il Tempo, Il mattino, Libero, News Online,

All Music Italia, Musica e TV 2.0, I Visionatici, Ear One, Indie Italia Mag, Le Rane, Ora Della Musica, Prima Music, 4 Quarti Magazine, Social Artist, Indiependenti, Bella Canzone, Pink Blog, featured her releases over the last years.

During her career she received massive support from radio stations all around the world such as Amazing Radio Usa & Uk, Formula Indie Europe, Radio Dee Jay, Radio 105, Power Ace Radio and many others.

“ALL DAY ALL NIGHT” is the new single by the alt pop artist Francesca Monte.

In this new track She’s not afraid to show her feelings and her fragile, troubled soul.
Love and change are the key factors of the track.
Love is an abstract concept which travels from the sky to hell.
It is difficult to find balance between good and evil when you are lost in love, it is irrational and logical at the same time.

“Love is a mistery, it is a fire that calms our misery”

When we stop putting conditions to our feelings, we then start to understand the meaning of loving someone and to live for real, accepting the flow of change and transformation.
We used to live with the complete certainty that being loved is the key for happiness, but we were wrong.
We often don’t even want to be loved.

We just want to receive what we believe it’s important for us to feel safe.

The song is written by Francesca Monte and produced by Kevan and Daniel Baiolla for Rotbaum Records/Global Rockstar.


For this project Francesca starts to collaborate with Pasquale De Lise, an emerging talented fashion designer, who was able to represent the evolution and change expressed in the lyrics.
The pieces are gender fluid, convertible, inflatable or they can be modified with laces.
They have multiple uses for different purposes.

Alt Pop ICON

Photographer Renzo Raviello @renzoraviello
Starring the artist Francesca Monte @francescamonteofficial
Makeup Artist Hilary Ruggiero @hilaryruggiero.mua
Retoucher Lidia Santangelo @lidiasantangelo_ph
Fashion Artist Pasquale De Lise @lenfantcreatif_

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